Marcellis was discharged from UC Davis Hospital mid June 2016 to receive rehabilitation in Santa Clara Valley rehabilitation center. Unfortunately he was immediately returned to UC Davis medical center due to a stage 4 bed sore. Five (5) months later Marcellis was discharged from UC Davis and now is in recovery at home until he goes to Stanford Medical Center for rehabilitation. The cost for his surgery, rehabilitation is very expensive and medical insurance does not cover all the cost.

The MJC Foundation welcomes Heather Hunter
Heather recently took on the role of Director of Nursing Care for Marcellis. A native of Seattle, Washington, she currently resides in Sacramento, California with her three children. She first met Marcellis’ father, Michael, after the tragic death of her niece due to gun violence. She was touched by his story and wanted to meet his son. From the first visit, she knew she had a duty to get involved.

Heather has been an Emergency Medical Technician for a local private ambulance company for 4 years and will graduate Nursing school this December. She brings to the team years of experience including emergency medicine, surgical, long term care, and medical research. She has a vision to get Marcellis walking again; he promised to teach her how to roller skate once he is back on his feet! Her passion to make a positive difference in her patient’s lives makes her a powerful asset to the team.

As Marcellis new care provider, Heather has created a comprehensive health plan. To contact Heather, please email her at

We understand Healthcare is expensive and Christopher Reeves aka Superman website has detailed information

We asked the public to donate to the various equipment, care providers and medicine needed for a full recovery